About me

Hello Lovely, I’m Catherine!

In my blog, I talk about money, career, and anything involving making a better version of yourself. Why do I blog about this? Because for the past couple of years, I have gone through a major  (and very necessary) life evaluation of the way that I approach money, career, and overall life choices.

These three topics have consumed my thoughts (as I’m sure with most Millennials) over the past couple of years. Did I choose the right job? Am I ever going to be debt free? How do I get more fulfilling relationships? Should I be dating right now? If so, where do you start? It’s actually exhausting to think about. To view my blog post click here.


Student loans, credit cards, rent, mortgages. It’s enough to make your head spin. Money is a universal language that speaks to many of us in many different ways. It is a tool that should be used very carefully (that up until this point I have been horrible at). It’s fascinating to me how our backgrounds with money shape how we treat it. It also is motivating to see so many different and creative ways to make extra money to pay for the mounds of debt that the millennial generation has seemed to accumulate!


The average person spends more than half of their waking hours at work. It’s incredibly important to evaluate very carefully your work choices. Does it fit with your natural talents? Can you not wait to get out of bed to do it? You get the picture.  Not only what kind of work you do but who you work with. What are their values? How do they handle problems? What is their communication style? Does it in alignment with yours? It’s a shame that more interviews aren’t a couple of months long. A company or person can hide their true selves for 30 minutes to 2 hours but when you get in there it can be crazy town central (Can you tell I’ve had personal experience with that?)!

Food for thought

You spend more time with coworkers and your boss than you do with your significant other. The average person doesn’t marry a person after knowing them for 30 minutes – 2 hours, why would you jump into a working relationship (people that you spend more time with than your significant other) after 30 minutes-2 hours of knowing someone?


Life is such a funny thing. Your previous experiences shape who you are today and how you handle life’s curve balls (which trust me there are plenty of them out there). Why not get to know yourself more intimately? What motivates you to do better? If you don’t like the version of who you are right now and want to change it, how do you do that?


All in all, my hope for this blog is to encourage others that have been in similar situations as I have. Life can be hard but I’ve come to find if you have a good support system then you can get through just about anything! Whether it is trying to pay off debt, finding your dream job or simply trying to figure out relationships (which is crazy in and of itself!).