5 Must Know Tips To Increase Productivity


Have you ever felt defeated by seeing other people getting so much more done than you? Then that frustration leads to procrastination. Before you know it, a whole day has gone and you haven't accomplished anything. Believe me, I have been there! All you need is just a couple of tips to increase productivity. These can be small changes to make big results happen. Take a look at these 10 proven methods that have drastically helped my productivity level as well as to get more of your to-do list done than you could ever imagine.

1 ) "Batch" Similar Tasks

According to a neuroscientist at MIT, said that brain actually is incapable of doing two things at one time.  It is simply moving from one subject to the next very quickly. Given that it is done so quickly you think that you are doing two things at one time. However, it quickly causes an overload.

The alternative to multitasking is to do one thing at a time. Say, for instance, scheduling a time to finish emails for an hour, then starting (or finishing) Project "X" for the next hour. I can't tell you how beneficial this has been for me.

2 ) Find a Coach

If you look into the habits of very successful people, you will be amazed at how many of them have business coaches. Why would someone already successful pay someone else to tell them how to be successful? To put it simply, it works.

“Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff from the coaching they got… managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.” - FORTUNE Magazine

"In one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for every $1 the firm spent on coaching." ― MetrixGlobal LLC

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a trained professional that you can go to that can objectively look at your situation and either give you the encouragement that you need or give you a little tough love that you need to push you to the next level! Get a coach today!

3 ) Get Rid of Other Distractions

As mentioned previously in the first point, the brain is actually incapable of handling two different tasks at one time. It may switch tasks very quickly but it becomes quickly overloaded, thus decreasing productivity levels. Some of the most proven effective strategies are often the simplest.

4 ) Reward Yourself After A Big Task

According to an article in entepreneur.com, the reward is the biggest motivator in a person's productivity level. This can mean anything that gives you satisfaction; positive self-talk, new clothes, etc. Just make sure that the reward is in line with your task. In other words, if you finished a paper maybe buying yourself a brand new car isn't the best fit.

5 ) Develop A Sense of Urgency

Giving yourself a sense of urgency to get something accomplished is definitely a good way to get motivated to get the job done. Tell yourself, "I have X number of minutes to get this done." You'd be amazed at how much more productive you'll be.

Wrapping Up

All in all, these are some of the ways that I personally have benefited in increasing my productivity levels. I hope that these will help you as well. I want to hear what has worked for you! Leave a comment below to see what you have benefited from. You never know, it may help someone else out in the process.