Top 4 Must Know Benefits To Being Single


So, there you are sitting at home googling another article while 'everyone else' is happy with a significant other. A little frustrated, you feel a little left out, left behind and overall just a little depressed. You're fighting that urge to believe that there is just something fundamentally wrong with you that causes you to be unlovable. Check out these reasons why this season in your life is not a negative situation after all. That there are benefits to being single.

1 ) You Spend Significantly Less Money....(that you may or may not have had, to begin with)

I can't tell you how many times I have bought that dress that I could barely afford or made that $extra$ special meal to impress that significant other. I know, I'm the worst personal finance blogger in the history of all bloggers! Now being single, I have a lot less to functions to go to (silver lining?) and don't have to worry about putting that extra money on my credit card (cost of dress + interest....gulp).

2 ) You Can Put More Money Into Debt Payoff

Now that your not buying that dress you can't afford you can put that extra $100-150 into an extra student loan payment or credit card. This creates less stress and ultimately makes you more of an attractive option for when you do date again! Win win!

3 ) You Eat At Home More

Now that your not spending money on going out to eat, drinks, etc., you are eating at home more often. Now you might be thinking if you're a female "I'm a female, he always pays", that's not always true. When it's his birthday, do you make him pay? Everyone bought round drinks and now it's your turn! He just got a new promotion and you want to celebrate, honey that's all on you! Not only is it a financial benefit but a health benefit too! Check out this post about how I lost 5 pounds in one week!

4 ) Financially Prepare Yourself For A Relationship

Are you horrible with money? Are you the person in the Starbucks line checking your phone to see if you have enough money in your account to get a coffee? If this is you and you do get to the point where you meet someone, do you really want your partner to be put in an unsafe financial situation? With divorce rates being at an all-time high, one of them being finances not being in order, do you want to put yourself in that situation after it took so long to find that special person?

Wrapping It Up

Again, I feel the need to reiterate being single can be lonely at times so please don't misinterpret that I'm trying to over glamorize it. These couple of things are definitely something to take into consideration before you try to jump into the next relationship! I want to hear your struggles and successes! Make a comment below maybe someone else is going through the same thing or needs to hear what you have to say. You never know you just might help someone else out! :)

Think that your singleness is horrible? Think again! Being single has definite advantages. Check out why you need to revel in your singleness!

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