Blog Income Report: Month 6


One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to try and supplement my income. For months, I have read successful blog income reports. I was determined that I was going to be one of them! Now, I have I have a blog income report, I feel like there is so much more opportunity! I make money blogging! I initially thought to myself, this can't be right. This only happens to other people. This is the random fluke on the cover of Forbes magazine and now they are millionaires. Well, I'm here to tell you, this is not a fluke and I didn't just happen to stumble upon this. Blogging is hard work!!! If you keep at it I promise you will see results! With all of that being said, start your blog today and take a look at my blog income below!!

How I'm Reporting This

It's important to know how blogging income is reported. Based on the research that I've done there are two ways that you can report income:

  1. Report Income As You Receive It
    • Pros-It is in your bank account and there is no waiting to see when you'll get it. A lot of times it can take anywhere from 30-90 days to get your income.
    • Cons-It is a little more difficult to see a direct effect on different strategies that you are working on regarding promotion of your blog.
  2. Report Income As You Earn it
    • Pros-It is a little easier to see a direct effect on different strategies that you are working on regarding promotion of your blog and how it affects your page views.
    • Cons-I doesn't see a con, I have to wait for it anyways, I just get to tell the world a little earlier of how this wonderful blogging world is a viable form of income!

I'm reporting my income based off of the month that I earn it. The reason I like to do it that way is seeing how my income is progressing in correlation with my page-views. It also could potentially matter when I'm doing different promotions or what have you.

What I Learned This Month....

There is a direct correlation between effort and results (seems too simple of a concept to have an epiphany over it, right?). Sometimes I think I slack on the effort, not because I'm lazy but because I have this negative, self-defeating mindset that "what does putting in extra effort going to do it's not like I'm going to see results, especially not results like everyone else!" Once I really started reflecting on why I wasn't putting in the effort, that is exactly what I came up with! It's so easy to get discouraged when you see everyone else posting "I made $100k this month, check out how I made this" but one of Ruth Sukoup's Facebook Live really resonated with me. After she was about ready to throw in the towel, she went to this conference of Jon Acuff and this quote just rang in my head,

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

-Jon Acuff

Wow, what a game changer!

Goals I had for February

Increase Pageviews: +500 Big time pass! Try over 900!!! Whoop Whooop! 

Pinterest: 500 Followers <----#1 Source of Traffic Fail, I got 440, +60 (I know I normally put fail as red but I'm putting it as pink bc I didn't meet the goal but it's still pretty good, so I'm putting it in a pretty color, lol me=big time goober). 

Twitter: Get 50 Followers Fail, I have 32. But I'll be honest with you, I've really been focusing in on Pinterest. 

Bloglovin': 10 Followers (Soft Goal) Fail, but I still got 9, +6 (pretty good, so it gets a pretty color!)

1 Guest Post - It's a great way to get your blog out there! Fail, I've got to get better about this! 

Do 1 FaceBook Live session (man this is scary) Pass, sort of. I did it yesterday, as an EBA assignment. It's almost in Feb so I'm still counting it, lol. It's still pretty good that I just got over the fear and did it! 

Start Freelancing: Fail. I just got on board with Elite Blog Academy, so I think I'm going to do that (it's a big time commitment)! 

  • Become a Virtual Assistant
    • It's a great way to network, make money (especially when funds are tight for blogging courses) and learn from bigger bloggers. Gina Horkey and Kristin Larsen, your words have not been lost on me! I'm going to do it!
    • Consulting
      • Career Consulting
        • Being in Human Resources for several years, I've acquired a lot of information in terms of:
          • what makes someone successful versus what makes them not successful in their careers
          • Signs to look for in a toxic work environment and when to know to get out
          • What career is best for different personality types
          •  Interview help
          • and so much more!
          • Blog Consulting
            • Now that I have been doing this for a few months and have done extensive research on blogging, I'd love to help others accomplish their goals as well!
              • Pinterest Pins
              • Help with how to get started
              • What you niche you should go with (this is very important to get this right!)
              • Financial Consulting
                • Budgeting
                • Life changing events
                • Coaching for overspending
                • Life Coaching
                  • Life after traumatic event (divorce, death, breakup, job loss, etc)
                  • Dating Issues
                  • Bad habits and how to overcome them
                  • And so much more!

My January Traffic and Income Report 


Google Adsense- .51



TOTAL Income= $31



Canva (monthly subscription): $12.95

Convert Kit: $29.00

Pinterest Ads: 6.34

Facebook Ads: 6.94

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook: $19

Misc: $25

Elite Blog Academy: $797 (Man I hope this is worth it! Heard amazing things but woah mama!)

Total: $896.23

Net Profit:  -$865.23

Goals I Have For March 

Pageviews: +2000

Income: I want it to be in the 3 digit realm

Pinterest: 650 followers

Facebook: 1) Another FB Live Event 2) Post 3 times a week on there!

Blog Posts: 3 x a week!

Wrapping Up...

All in all, it's not that much, coffee money if you will. If you've read any newbie blogger reports, it's going to be in the same range for the first couple of months. However, I'm still incredibly excited about this! This just goes to show me that it is possible! It only makes me want to work harder, be more consistent and promote more! I can't wait to do this again in April!