5 Financial Red Flags In A Relationship


You love each other so much and would even go as far to say that he's your best friend that you tell all of your secrets to. How lucky you feel that you together. But what if they have a dirty secret that they are absolutely horrible with money. That's okay because love conquers all, right? The intertwining of these two concepts (money and relationships) has made for interesting stories. Given the fact that we all come from such different backgrounds so does our view of money and our relationship with it. Some view money as a tool that needs to be carefully managed whereas others look at it as a way to get what they want as fast as possible! Check out these must know financial red flags in a relationship!

1. Can't Keep A Job

There are so many reasons why someone can lose a job. It could be a bad job fit, mass layoffs, horrible company culture, etc. However, there are things that can be taken into consideration that is under their control. Take for instance their punctuality. If they can't make it work on time how can they be expected to keep their job and consequently pay bills on time? Something to think about.

2. Lying

Catching your significant other in a lie is a big deal. If they are willing to cross that boundary (especially when they are willing to lie to you so freely about something small), how can you expect to effectively communicate (trust what they say) with them with a big thing like sharing finances!

3. Using A Lot Of Credit

This is a huge issue. Just because they are technically within their budget and not overspending doesn't mean they are great with money. What if something happens (which trust me, it will) and they need to spend a lot on a major expense (i.e. replacing their roof on a house) and they are at their max budget with a lot of minimum credit card expenses. Definitely, something to take into consideration.

4. Generational Sin, It's a real thing

You can learn a lot about someone by looking at the people who raised them. Take a look at the family and their spending habits. It is really true what they say about you are marrying into the family. This is true for several different reasons. However, this is a really important matter that you need to take into consideration. Generational spending habits is a real thing. It is incredibly difficult to break away from what is learned in the primitive years.

Be very aware of your surroundings. When people are relaxed and not knowing they are being analyzed, it is amazing what you'll find out when people. Do they have final notices on their bill pile? Did they 'forget their wallet for the 3rd time'? Are there any passive aggressive comments about money being thrown around? If the significant other grew up around this don't you think there is a possibility they are going to be like this too?

On a semi-related note, if the family has horrible spending habits, who do they call when the money runs out? Family. If you are good with money and you have any sort human decency you are going to want to help them out. However, even the most financially responsible person has their own limits. indicates a pattern (in other words this won't be the only time they are asking for money).

5. Purchases to Job Title Ratio

The concept of finances and relationships can be exhausting. Not only do you need to look at the spiritual, physical and other compatibility but the financial as well. Are they a teacher but they have a BMW and get a Starbucks coffee on the way to work every day? With divorce rates at an all-time high and finances being on the top end of the causes for these nasty relationship endings, it is vital that you look at your partner's spending habits.

Wrapping Up

This is not to scare or discourage you from your relationship. However, being aware of the harsh realities are very necessary. There is a reason why money is the top reason why people end their relationship.

Signs You Are Dating a Financial Disaster

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