How To Stop Emotional Eating


That chocolate eclair goodness sounds really good at the end of a long hard day. I know this because I've struggled with this my entire adult (I still had the actions as a child, it just finally caught up with me as an adult) life. It's so hard to get rid of that comfort (believe me) but really you are just masking an issue. Here are a few tips that have helped me curb my emotional eating:

1 ) Snag An Accountability Partner

I had a really good friend of mine that had just lost 30 pounds with a combination of healthy eating and exercise. It's a lot easier to get through this hurdle when you can have a dance party every time you accomplish something. Celebrating even the smallest victories feel like a big time win! Having my accountability partner helped me lose 5 pounds in 7 days!!!

2 ) Recognize Anxiety Triggers

Everybody's got that one thing that can just set you over the edge. That obnoxious coworker that you see every week in a meeting, that perfect PTA mom, etc. Once you figure that out then you can go to the next important step

3 ) Replace Your Habits

It could be something as simple as chewing a piece of gum, taking a walk (sometimes you just need to get away from the situation)or if you really need to have a similar mindset of chewing and then swallowing do something healthy and low calorie like celery sticks or carrots (that actually really helped me).

4 ) Track Calories

You'd be amazed at how much mindless eating you can do (especially when you're stressed to the max). Holding yourself accountable with a fitness tracker ( I used My Fitness Pal) can do wonders for getting you out of autopilot.

5 ) Feel The Feelings

I'm incredibly guilty of attempting to mask or distract myself from the pain. Letting yourself feel those emotions and having a physical release like crying (I know it may sound wimpy) can be incredibly beneficial. I've come to love a good cry! You feel so much more relaxed afterward.


Wrapping Up 

These are just a few things that have helped me along the way and hopefully be useful to you as well! Make a comment below and let me know of any hacks that have helped you with emotional eating or really anything that has given you anxiety. Let me know! You never know, it may help someone else out! :)

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