Side Hustle Case Study: How I Made $1000 In A Week After I Got Laid Off


When my company was struggling and I got laid off, it was devastating, confusing and terrifying. Even throughout the roller coaster of emotions and knowing I was living paycheck to paycheck, I knew that I would be okay. I had a Lyft driver telling me he quit his job due to a jerk boss (I totally related to that) and has happy driving for Lyft full time and that always been on the back of my mind until this major life incident happened.  

I got focused and applied as a Lyft Driver

I knew now would not be the time to freak out and crawl under the covers. So, I went here (Please note this link is an affiliate link, meaning I do get paid if you sign up. But if I didn’t believe in it, believe me I wouldn't waste my time talking about it!) and within a matter of days I got an approval email and request to have a mentor driver take a look at my car and take a picture of me for the website. I was actually really impressed with their efficiency.


I typically drove in the evening, weekend or really anytime I saw pink of the map of my app when I turned it on. The darker the pink=better the surge price=more money in your pocket!


It was the best, especially in bigger cities like Austin because they always had special events, concerts etc. This one particular week it was a major music festival which people were flying in from all over the world. One word, Fun!



When I saw this bank statement notification after my first week, I had to pick my jaw off of the floor. I couldn’t believe it! I got paid more doing this than I did my day job that I went to 4 years of undergrad for?! Not to mention a lot more fun.

An Alternative/Addition (if Lyft isn’t in your area…or you just want to switch things up)

I wasn’t eligible for Uber at the time due to a higher level of driving record needed at the time. But later on in the year I was and made great money doing it as well. You can sign up for Uber and make a great income you can too here! (Please note this link is an affiliate link, meaning I do get paid if you sign up. But if I didn’t believe in it, believe me, I wouldn't waste my time talking about it!)


Did you ever feel unsafe (Especially as a female)?

I never felt unsafe but it did feel a little weird at first having complete strangers in my car. You are constantly being tracked with your phone and your passenger, so Lyft knew where I was at all times and I could end the ride at any time in the event that I felt unsafe.

Didn’t it put more wear and tear on your car?

Yes, the more you drive. The sooner you will need to have your oil change, etc. But it wasn’t a ridiculous amount.

Did you get to listen to your own music?

ABSOLUTELY! It was so much fun! But I did try to keep in mind my audience. If it was someone that looked like my Grandmother, I wasn’t going to jam out to heavy metal or some kind of craziness like that.

The Take-Away

All in all, it’s a great (and fun) source of income. Life doesn’t end when a major event like a layoff happens (even if you were financially unprepared like I was). There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m living proof of it! On a related note, I want to hear about your struggles and a creative (or regular too) way that it got resolved. So, if you would post a comment, I'd love to hear about it! You never know, it may help someone else out. :)

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