3 Important Facts You Should Know About How To Become Financially Stable


You looked at your finances again and it basically sent you into a spiral of depression. It seems like everyone else has it together except for you. The emotional rollercoaster you experience you look at your bills is a little too much to bear. What does everyone have that you don't have? You're smart, you've had accomplishments in your life. You want this so bad but how to become financially stable? Check out these interesting findings below.

1 ) Find another job

You've always known in the back of your mind that your boss was just a little bit crazy. There is a consistent tension in the air that just about sends you over the edge. You have to tolerate it, right? There are bills to pay after all. There is a part of you that knew you shouldn't have taken this job and that there was a reason why they can't keep a person for very long.  But you need the extra income that this job provides.

It has been my experience throughout my years being in Human Resources that when people hate their job they tend to overcompensate in other self-destructive ways, i.e. spending too much money, create issues with alcohol or drug consumption, significant weight gain, etc.

Yes, there is potential to make a really great salary but if you hate your job, and causes self-destructive financial behavior are you really making more money? I know what your thinking, "I have to make money! I can't just sit there and wait for something to happen!" I completely agree. :)

Possible solution? Start a blog!!! I will give you $106,383 reasons why you need to start a blog today. Michelle started her personal finance blog, Making Sense of Sense, a couple of years ago triggered by her stress of student loan debt (Michelle, I'm right there with you about the student loans) and now she makes $106,383  per month from the income of her blog. Crazy! So what are you waiting for, Start your blog today!

2 ) Spend (A Little Less) On Fun

Please note that I'm not saying that you have to stay home and eat a can of tuna every night (that sounds horrible!). Just realizing and practicing balance is incredibly beneficial! Let's take for instance that you are having a bunch of friends getting together and wanting to go eat (I use this example because I'm a financial sucker for eating out) and you really don't want to be left out. What to do? Well, you simply invite them over to your house and have fun there (for free)!

3 ) Create a budget

Creating a budget is hands down one of the best ways to show you how much actually have. It is a visual reminder to tone it down on the spending. Download a free excel spreadsheet that has a simple graph on it. You'd be surprised at how much you can focus on those bars going up and down as you change the numbers on each line.

Wrapping Up

Your current financial situation is not the end of the world (regardless of how bad the situation is). The great thing about where you're at right now is that you're looking into changing it. That's what got you to look at this article the first place, right? Your willingness to consider a change in your life is the first step to a better future! Whether it is finding a better fit for a job, altering your spending habits or something as simple as creating a budget. You are the key to a better you!