Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review: How One Blogger Made $1000 with under 10,000 page views


Have you ever wondered what's the quickest way to make money from your blog?

Are you frustrated with the recent Pinterest algorithm changes and feel like you're never going to get to the seemingly untouchable (and highly coveted) 100,000 page views per month mark in order to make a decent living at blogging?

Well, I hear to tell you that you can make a decent living with affiliate marketing with your blog (without all of those page views)! Through a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This course has revolutionized the way that people approach their blogging strategies (me included). For those of you that are new to blogging, we first need to go over a couple of things:

1. What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with a company that is promoting a particular product. Whether it is digital or an actual physical product, either way, you as the blogger/promoter get a commission off of that particular product.

2. Do you need a website or blog to do it?

Technically no. You can do word of mouth, tweet it, etc. However, it is definitely to your advantage to have a blog. You have a significantly higher reach with social media. So, I definitely do have to say start a blog first.

3. What makes this course so special?

I'm a firm believer in buying according to the person (not to mention a person with massive results)! Michelle, the course instructor, has taken the blogging world by storm. This is so cool because:

  • She's so down to earth. Just because she makes over $100,000 per month (along with other mega bloggers) that doesn't mean she's lost touch with reality to know that other people need help too. She answers all of my questions (and I ask a lot of detailed questions) and fairly quickly. She's constantly in her Facebook group and email.

  • Michelle has some skin in the blogging game. She's been through the cycles of blogging over the years and has proven the test of time. That's important to know that's she's not going to take your money and skip town.

  • The strategies are up to date. Which is important, I've been in some blogging mastermind groups that are like "oh this worked for me 3 years ago when I got big. That will be $500 please". No, that does not cut it. What worked then definitely doesn't work now. So what strategies are they? Nice try. ;-) You have to take the course for that!

  • The course is all about doing it in a way that doesn't make you feel like a gross used car sales person (I just want to take a shower just thinking about that).

  • Her Facebook Group is actually a really good way of networking. I love closed paid mastermind groups like hers. The quality of reach far surpasses unpaid ones (just trust me on this one).

4. Okay, so nothing is this perfect. I know there's got to be negatives. What's the catch?

Haha, I'm a "what's the catch" kind of person too! Okay so there are two "catches":

  1. You got to work it! You can't buy this course like you do your annual gym membership in the beginning of the year, not go throughout the year and then wonder why you can't fit into your bikini in June (you know what I'm talking about).

  2. Please pay attention to the details. What do I mean by that? A lot of people think it's just slapping an affiliate link on your blog and just watch the Benjamins roll in your bank account. Hate to break it to you honey but it just doesn't work like that! There are a lot of legal issues that you need to take into consideration. Devil is in the details!

Okay, that's enough of the preaching. Now to the more $fun$ part! Today is an interview I had with a recent blogger friend of mine. She's done incredibly well in such a short amount of time. Please give her a major *virtual hug* and listen to what she has to say. She's made over $1000 in her first 60 days after taking this course!! Her name is Marie and she blogs at!

1. What is your blog about?

I blog about blogging tips and making money online. My blog is directed at helping female entrepreneurs start their blog and monetize it the right way I have lots of tips and social proof designed to take you from A to Z of tackling the blogging world.

You can find me over at


I also have two other blogs that I will start monetizing soon

2. How long have you been blogging before taking the course?

With my wedding blog over 2 years but I didn't even know you could monetize it. And I took the course 2 months before launching my Ladies Make Money online blog. I started the blog in June of 2016.

3. How much were you making in affiliate marketing before taking the course?

Zero dollars

4. What were you making in affiliate marketing in the first 30, 60 and 90 days respectively after taking the course?

First 30 days I made $84. Within, 60 days I made over $1000 and I went away to have a baby and I was still making an average of $1000. In June I started posting and tracking my income again and I made $1,158.77

5. What were your monthly page views in the first 30, 60 and 90 days respectively after taking the course?

Here's my Blog traffic within the first:

30 days -  6,000 page views

60 days - 10,000 page views

90 days - I am averaging between 12000 and 15000.

6. Are there any suggestions or comments that you would like to say to the person considering this course?

If you know nothing about affiliate marketing then take the course. If you are not getting click through and no money is coming in at least within the first 2 months then take the course.

The course is full of amazing information, especially for beginner bloggers. Keep in mind I was not a beginner and I still wanted to learn. This is a filled packed class that teaches you the true way of using affiliate links to monetize your online business (blog, email list, and social media).

Wrapping Up

There are a couple of take aways here. First and foremost, although it's not vital to start a blog it's incredibly beneficial. (So definitely start your blog!). Second, I think it's pretty self-explanatory at this point. You definitely need to jump on board with getting your Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course! I know it's probably a little scary but you need to just jump in and do it scared!