What Your Myers Briggs Personality Type Says About Your Wallet: Part 1


Have you noticed that some people just always seem to "always get it right" with money? All the while others struggle with the concept of saving $10 a month? Throughout the course of these past two years, I have gone through a series of self-reflections. I've come to find that there is a strong correlation between people's personality and their aptitude for finances. Please don't get me wrong that just because you take the Myers Briggs Personality Test doesn't mean that you're financially destined for that outcome. It just means your naturally inclined for that. I think it's incredibly important to know yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses. This is important so that you put fail safes in place so that you don't have to experience the financial downsides to your personality. 

The Idealists 

According to the creators of this personality assessment, there are 16 different types and 4 in each category. The first category we are going to talk about is The Idealists. You'll note that all four of these types have the NF (meaning intuitive, feelers). What does this mean regarding finances? Well, these personality types approach money in a very idealistic way. The career path they chose, how they invest their money, spending habits, etc. They need to really believe in the product, service or person they are spending their money on. Take a look at these types and let me know what your thoughts are!

ENFJ- I LOVE being around these people! They are the ultimate coaches! Responsible and caring to a fault. These are the types that will most likely be in a rally fighting for human rights, donating to a sick child in Africa (and actually stick to it for years), etc. America's sweethearts!

Famous ENFJ's: Oprah, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jennifer Lawrence

Pros: It is amazing that you care so much! So many people have succeeded because you have sacrificed your money, time effort and energy of yourself.

Cons (and how to fix it): You tend to burn yourself out fairly quickly. Especially your finances. Just realize not everyone can be saved (or really try to be saved for that matter). Try and do things for yourself. Think about it this way, if your not financially selfish from time to time, you won't recharge and won't be able to really help someone else out. Does that help?

INFJ- Ah yes. The quiet, reflective counselor types. I love you all! You will not spend money on something unless you truly believe in the product or service.

Famous INFJ's: Tinman (Wizard of Oz fans anyone?), Shirley Temple, Adam Sandler

Pros: You approach spending from a very philosophical viewpoint. It's great that you aren't looking to spend to impress. That gets costly and honestly do you really want to spend people you don't even care for? Your type won't do it!

Cons (and how to fix it): Spending without communicating with others isn't always a good thing. Sometimes other people might know a little more about a particular subject and may know that product or service isn't necessarily the best.

ENFP- Ladies and gentlemen, I will fully admit, I'm an off the charts ENFP. This type will spend their last dollar on a person they love when on their birthday party so that they feel really special! Personal experience? Yep.

Famous ENFP's: Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres, Hilter (just kidding on this one, just seeing if your paying attention)

Pros: Yes, it's amazing that you show someone that you love them with a birthday party!

Cons (and how to fix it): It doesn't necessarily have to be so extravagant. Hold yourself accountable by starting a blog! Tell them your financial journey. You'd be amazed at how this curbs spending!

INFP- Ah yes, my introverted ENFP counterpart. You are the ultimate dreamer and hater of all things detail! This type is most likely to spend based off of their intuition and what feels right at that given time. You don't put money an idol or care to be the next biggest billionaire for the sake of being a billionaire.

Famous INFP's:  Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, William Shakespeare, Helen Keller

Pros: By nature, I applaud your idealist nature. Money is definitely not the source of true happiness!

Cons (and how to fix it): Money is in this world and that is how things get done. And yes, I know details are not your forte, like keeping up with a monthly budget. However, just look at money as a tool to help you accomplish the things that do matter to you, your cause, your family, etc. If you need help, talk to an accountability partner or get in contact with me! I have recently started a service to help people get on track with their finances. Create a budget, help you where you need to go financially!

Wrapping Up

As a whole, the idealists really are good people and genuinely care about the welfare of other people. However, The Idealists need to focus a little bit more on their own finances in order to better help other people later! Think about it this way, if you are not at your best, how do you expect to help others? Let me know your thoughts or a way that you have overcome some of these financial issues. I'd love to hear them and who knows, you may end up helping someone else out!