How To Save Money When Moving Out Of State


You're moving out of the state. You have so many things to get done and you need to do it on a budget. The overall sense of dread is starting to creep in because you've seen how it can cost thousands to move your stuff across state lines. What if the things that you have isn't even worth the cost of the move? What if you are on a really tight budget? Check out these proven methods of how to save money when moving out of state.  

Sell Sell Sell!

Anything that wouldn’t fit into my little car, it was getting sold! I put out several ads in Craigslist, Garage Sale sites, Offer Up, etc. If it was free, I put it up there. I did it about a week in advance so that I would have plenty of traffic. In between selling my table/chairs, sofa, chaise lounge, bed, etc it made me $420

Friendship Hotel

In the 1200 miles that it took me to get home, it took 2 nights (and a lot of driving…agh painful). But I was incredibly blessed to have friends across the country. I would definitely recommend reaching out to friends or family that you may know (and in good standing with) and say “hey I’ll be in town, mind if I stay with you for the night and we can catch up?” 9 out of 10 times, if you are in good standing with them they would love to have you. It’s a better option than going to a hotel. (Saved me $240 for both nights)

If that isn’t an option, I would definitely recommend AirBnB, it’s significantly cheaper (not to mention more of a home-like vibe). I had to do that the last time I moved and it saved me about $50/night.


Instead of going out to eat I had snacks on the road that I had from my pantry. It’s not the fanciest of options but saving money was my goal and I was determined on sticking to it! I used

  • Nutella/breadsticks snacks (which actually has the calories of a full meal and pretty tasty)
  • Granola Bars
  • Dinner at my friend's house (Man I love a home cooked meal!)
  • Nut mix

Wrapping Up

All and all, it was a pretty successful move and cheap! I was so worried about it but I’m telling you if I can do it ANYBODY can do it! By nature I’m pretty impulsive, however, with a little planning I made it work and you can too! I’d love to hear some of your stories. Put something that you did down below and maybe it can help someone else out.  Let me know!