Top 4 Fantastic Experiences of this Year's Tips To Be More Productive


The eternal optimist in your loves creating new goals. A fresh new start and possibilities of the better future and a better you! You've made some mistakes in the past. Maybe you didn't follow through with your previous goals but that's alright because you're going to be different this time. You've been wanting to lose those annoying 5 (or 30, let's be honest) pounds, now is the perfect time to do it. However, you feel a little insecure because you know you've let it fall through the cracks. Those chips on the cozy couch with a good rerun of Friends look like such a good idea after a long hard day. Good news, you can win at this! Take a look at a proven tips to be more productive that have worked in the past. Assess The Reality of Your Goal 

Sometimes you get a little over zealous about goals (eternal optimist). You want to lose weight, save money, etc. Which are excellent goals! You should never stop trying to achieve those goals, however saying "I'm going to lose 50 pounds and save $1,000 in a month" is probably a little unrealistic. Create small, actionable goals. It could be, " Today, I'm going to pass the Starbucks and not get my double shot, caramel, creamy...(I'll let you fill in the blanks)" and when you achieve them have a mini party in your head, tell a friend and just make it a big deal! Because it is a big deal. You are one step closer to your overall goal! :)

Tracking Your Progress

Once I started researching how many calories, I was actually consuming I was floored at how many calories I was taking in. Love that greasy hamburger? 1000+calories! Woah. And that is just for one meal. The recommended calories are 1,500-2000 calories per person, per day. It puts a lot of things into perceptive.  This brings me into my next step….

Get Away From Your Temptations 

I am notorious for getting a group together and eating out. But the average meal going out to eat is 1000+ calories! What the what?!?!! I knew that if I ever wanted to meet my goal The first time that I thought about this, I was like “eat at home? That’s boring. What am I going to do have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?” And then it occurred to me, no I can buy whatever I want and I can have people over too! It actually is a lot of fun coming up with new fun recipes that you can control the calorie count, not to mention A LOT CHEAPER.

Get An Accountability Partner

When I was trying to lose weight a couple of months ago, I got connected with a friend that has recently gone through a major weight loss transformation. I asked if she could hold me accountable for my actions every week. Share the good times, tell her when I messed up and asked for tips that helped her along the way. Within a week of actually being diligent about it, I LOST 5 POUNDS! So this actually works!

Wrapping Up

All in all, you will be shocked at how those few changes really matter. I always thought that you had to do a complete 180 in a lifestyle change for things to matter and that’s just simply NOT true. If I (the biggest excuse maker) can do it, ANYBODY can do it! I want to hear your struggles and successes! Make a comment maybe someone else is going through the same thing or needs to hear what you have to say. You never know. :-)