Top 5 Reasons You NEED to Start A Blog


Blogging. You've heard that word being thrown around and now your curious. What what are the benefits to doing something like this? We are in a digital world with a wealth of information right at our fingertips that are just waiting to be explored! This information can range from personal finance, weight loss, political issues, etc. You have valuable information that needs be shared, someone in the world is in need of your personal experience, niche expertise or even a big fat failure. There are so many benefits of blogging that you never have even realized. Let's take a look at the reasons why you need to start a blog:  

1. It holds you accountable

Earlier on this year, I was in need of accountability with my finances and have been struggling with it for years. I was terrified to tell people that I actually knew of my student loan debt (in hindsight it was so ridiculous because there are millions of other people in the exact situation). So, I started 'googling' about how to go about getting help with finances and I stumbled upon Ruth's story about how she was overspending and her marriage was essentially holding on by a thread. I related to her story so much that I started looking into blogging and so I started a blog and have been loving it ever since!

2. It lets you help people

Everyone has a story. They have success and failures (some of which they wouldn't like to tell people face to face, which I completely get!) that other people in this world need. You may think it's obvious or it may even come naturally to you but it may help someone else out. Your solutions to your problems need to be heard. Get your story out!

3. It decreases anxiety and increases productivity levels

As mentioned previously, we live in a fast-paced world that causes you to lose focus or create anxiety. According to an article in Harvard Health Publications,  that students who were anxious about test taking jotted down thoughts and feelings before taking an essential exam performed better in their grades than those who did not write down their thoughts. So, there is a definite physiological reaction to writing.

4. You can actually make money off of it

Earlier on this year, I became really focused and intentional about paying off student loan debt. In researching different 'side hustles', I stumbled across different income reports on Pinterest and started following Kristin's income reports from Believe In A Budget. It just absolutely blew my mind that in a couple of months from starting her blog she not only quit her full-time job in less than a year, she was making more than twice as much as I was making and working less than half the time that I was!

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5. It helps you build discipline

Blogging is no easy task. However, it builds your character. In blogging, there are technical issues that you need to solve. You build your communications skills by creating good content with good arguments for potential solutions. If I had to say one thing that it helped me out with is that it helped me with time management which is no easy task (especially for those of you like me that struggle with shiny object syndrome).

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Wrapping Up

With all of that being said, you need to start a blog!!! Maybe you're trying to make money for those grueling student loan payments. Maybe you need that stress relief from your anxiety. Either way, it's beneficial! So you need to jump on that today! I want to hear your struggles and successes! Make a comment below! Maybe someone else is going through the same thing or needs to hear what you have to say. You never know you just might help someone else out! ?