Top 5 Side Hustles that make extra $1000 per Month


First of all, I would like to say, I love side hustles. Not only do they make great money but they are so much fun (well at least mine are)! If you need to make some extra cash why not make it fun for you?! Life can be rough (especially if you need this side hustle to make the bills) but you can make it a fun adventure! I wrote a list of things that I like to do for fun (or at least helps me de-stress) and decided I was going to make extra money fast doing it! My list consisted (but not limited to) dancing, driving around while listening to my jams, being around dogs and saying exactly what is on my mind (I'm not the best at holding back...downfall to my ENFP personality) and organizing people's closet (I have always had this quirk that makes me want to organize things).

Get paid to do Surveys

I love this one. It's so easy, you don't have to go anywhere, there is no initial cost to you and it only takes a few minutes. I just got $5 just for signing up and you can too! Click here to make $5 just for signing up (I get $5 too, we can make some extra cash together!) Another blogger that I follow makes over $600 a month doing surveys!!! I thought that was pretty cool. :)

Drive for Lyft

I just have to say this is one of my most favorite ones to date. If you are a free spirit like me and like to make your own hours, drive around whilst listening to your favorite tunes then this is exactly what you need to do just sign up here! When I first started, I made over a $1000 in a week and just absolutely loved it!


Drive for Uber

I currently drive for Uber on the side and make roughly $800 a month doing this. It's pretty cool as well! Same concept as Lyft just a competitor. You should definitely apply here and see how you like it!

Walk Four Legged Furry Friends

Shortly after I got laid off, I was looking for a side hustle that I absolutely loved (again you have to love what you do even in the side hustles)! When I made a list of what I loved (being around animals), I just had to jump on board with this company called WagWalk. It's a really cool app that you give the company your availability throughout the week and based on your location and availability they will ping you so that you can give someone's furry friend a potty break! It added up to about $200 a month. Not too shabby for being in the same place that I was going to be at anyways!  :) chihuahua-624924_640-1


Task Rabbit

I actually haven't tried this yet. I wanted to do this for organizing people's closets, moving, etc. but I moved away from the location where they had it. However, I have heard people that make a killing off of this, some making as much as $2000 per week!



All in all, it's important to do what you love. In all of these side hustles, I never felt like I was working. That's so important because you don't get burned out doing what you love (I mean really have you ever heard of anyone getting burned out by [insert something that you love]!?) So, I want to hear about your side hustles that make you happy. Where they creative? Fun? I want to hear it! :)