Top Signs You Are In The Wrong Job


We all have those moments on Sunday and think, "Agh, tomorrow is Monday." If those thoughts are minimal, I am not talking to you people (You lucky ducks!). I'm talking to the person who has that overwhelming, sinking feeling at the bottom of their stomach on a consistent basis at the moment when you realize you have to go to work the next day (It is the worst feeling ever). Take a look at these signs you are in the wrong job.



I've had that feeling and I've tried to fight it for the past couple of years. Now, I've made it my mission in life to help alleviate that feeling of just overall dread and depression that you have to go to work the next day. Whether it is not a good culture fit, relationship matches with the boss or you just ultimately need to do a major overhaul in your career path. Below are the signs that you really need to change something.

You Just Go Through the Motions 

Doing the bare minimum just to get the job done gets noticed pretty quickly. Being in HR for the past couple of years, I can't tell you how many performance reviews, corrective actions, conversations with the supervisors and termination I've been involved in that stem from the employee doing the bare minimum. This is not a situation that you deserve to be in. You owe it to yourself to be happy to where you don't care to work tirelessly getting the project done.


You Have Different Interests Than The Organization (Or the people in it)  

As mentioned previously, I have recently gone through that same sinking feeling of dread to go to work. My example was that when people were getting terminated or had a progressive disciplinary action, often times I would ask them why they are having so many issues at work. Often times, it would be an issue involving money. I would spend more time thinking and talking to them about their financial issues and how to rectify them rather than the progressive disciplinary actions that you are supposed to do as a Human Resources Professional. That is not a good place to be in when it comes down to your performance reviews.


You Can't Stand Your Boss

Have you ever had a boss that you thought was a complete idiot or couldn't stand their personality? It has been my experience in the Human Resources field that your boss is going to pick up on that. Whether it be through a comment that you make in passing or you subconsciously just do the tasks that you want to do versus what they ask you to do. They are your boss and can either make or break your position in the duration of your employment. It's better that you figure that out and do something on your terms versus the alternative. Believe me, it can get pretty ugly.


You Are In It For The Money 

This is a horrible reason to go into any field. Not just for the moral aspect of it but for your own sanity. You are going to be miserable and make the people around you miserable. Whether it be through poor performance feedback, increased arguments at home or work, drug and alcohol consumption, etc. You are going to be negatively affected by this and it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to make great money in even the most unusual of career paths. Take for instance my situation after I got laid off. I made $1000 driving for Lyft and loved it!  or take for instance this blogger friend of mine that had no college degree but started writing about the things that she enjoyed writing about and made $3000 a month doing it!



You deserve something better for yourself. Whether it be through your mental stability, future financial stability and just basic happiness you deserve to do what you enjoy doing. Think about it, you are doing this for more than half of your day that you are awake. Why not enjoy what you're doing? There is a reason why you are the way that you are. So just use that to your advantage!