What Your Myers Briggs Says About Your Wallet: Part 3


As mentioned in Part 1 of this article about noticing that some people just always seem to “always get it right” with money? All the while others struggle with the concept of saving $10 a month? Throughout the course of these past two years, I have gone through a series of self-reflections. I’ve come to find that there is a strong correlation between people’s personality and their aptitude for finances. Please don’t get me wrong that just because you take the Myers Briggs Personality Test doesn’t mean that you're financially destined for that outcome. It just means your naturally inclined for that. I think it’s incredibly important to know yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This is important so that you put fail safes in place so that you don’t have to experience the financial downsides to your personality. 


The second category we are going to talk about is The Guardians. You’ll note that all four under this category have the SF (meaning sensor, thinkers) or ST (Sensor, Feelers). What does this mean regarding finances? Well, these personality types approach money in a practical way. They are much more inclined to use their 5 senses versus their intuition in regards to finances. In other words, they are much more focused in the "here and now".  I definitely have an appreciation for they way that Guardians approach life and their decision-making process.

ESFJ- Caring, great with people and they always seem to "know a guy" for every situation. They have a strong sense of obligation and responsibility and finances are no exception. They have a strong need for loyalty and stability. Famous ESFJ's: Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Diana Ross Pros: This personality type has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Especially when it comes to their finances. Paying bills (and on time) is a really great quality to have. Cons (and how to fix it): With every pro, there is an unfortunate con. Since they do have that tendency to be 'popular' and strive for that, at times they can be a little too concerned with that. In the words of famous Personal Finance Guru Dave Ramsey,  "don't try and keep up with the Jones', they're broke too" ISFJ- The more introverted version of their ESFJ counterparts. They too have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Again great for their finances and ensuring everyone is taken care of. Famous ISFJ's: Anthony Hopkins, Robert E. Lee, Rosa Parks Pros: My grandmother is actually an ISFJ. She as well as most ISFJ's work tirelessly to ensure her finances, as well as others finances, are taken care of and in a timely manner. Cons (and how to fix it): They have a horrible tendency to overload themselves and take on other people's financial obligations. Just remember you can't fix everyone's problems! Sometimes they just have to learn on their own. ESTJ- This personality type enjoys creating order. Whether it's organizing their bills, closets or establishing a hierarchy within an organization. They enjoy the structure of all types. Famous ESTJ's: George W. Bush, Bette Davis, and John D. Rockafeller Pros: Ensuring that the bills are paid on time and there is a progressive financial plan for your life is a positive attribute to have. More Cons (and how to fix it): Given the fact that these personality types love social status sometimes can get a little too involved in their status. Just remember that sometimes there are more important things in life than where you are in your career or whether or not you meet your financial mark. ISTJ- This personality type appreciates law and order as well. Making sure they clearly know the rules, order and bend over backward to ensure the rules are followed. Their finances are no exception in that regards. Famous ISTJ's: Sigmund Freud, Calvin Coolidge, and Morgan Freeman Pros: They take pride in their knowledge of things. Knowing how to utilize their financial gains is a definite pro! Keep up the good work! Cons (and how to fix it): They can be a little too rigid when it comes to their finances. Sometimes you have to take a little bit of a risk! Take a sporadic vacation! What's the point in having your money if you never enjoy it from time to time?

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it (I'm a complete Myers-Briggs Personality junkie). If you did or you have similar experiences, make a comment and let me know. You may come to find that someone else has gone through a similar experience and you may help them out! Also, if you have missed Part 1 of this article talking about Idealists. Check it out!