Welcome Friend! These are my most talked about topics blogging strategies and personal finance! I'm so excited that you are taking this next step! Okay so I made 2 separate sections:

  1. Blogging Related Resources
  2. Personal Finance Related Resources

1. Blogging 

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Think you need a million page views to make a decent income? Think again! I've seen people make full-time income ($3k/mth) with less than 10k page views per month!)  This course is amazing! The instructor Michelle makes over $50,000 per month just in affiliate income alone!


Siteground is a self-hosting solution for your Wordpress project. Every time I've ever had an issue they get to me within minutes. No more excruciating 45 minute waiting times on the phone! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! 

They also send me weekly updates about the health of my site, which I thought was cool. No bugs for me! :-)


Your email list is hands down one of the most important tools at your blogging disposal because with the ever changing algorithms of Pinterest, facebook, etc and this is the most cost effective option for a newbie blogger (because it's FREE for the first 1000 subscribers)! Can't get much better than free!

How To Start A Blog

Flustered about starting a blogging because you don't think you're tech savvy enough to do it? Honey, if I can do it ANYBODY can do it (and I was the girl in the office that had IT on speed dial....seriously).

Elegant Themes

I love Elegant Themes! It’s what’s called a “drag and drop” builder. There is ZERO code to deal with, it’s very mobile friendly (which you really need because more and more people are using it these days)!

Income Reports

I remember a couple of years ago loved to see the progressive income reports and the different things they were doing to increase their revenue (and the roller coaster of emotions that come along with that, lol.) It was incredibly inspiring so I decided to show my income reports from day one (not hiding it for 3-4 months then making it live and then say something crazy like "I made $9k a month in my first 3 months".

2. Personal Finance

FREE Facebook Group "Figuring Out Finances"

Ever felt like you couldn't talk to anyone about your finances and a possible bad spot you're in financially so you just internalize it and just keep on with your horrible financial habits? Well, now you have a place to talk to someone! This is a non-judgmental place you can get the help you need to get your finances in order. Sometimes all it really takes is just admitting there is a financial issue!

Simple Budget Worksheet

Money doesn't have to be complicated. I use this monthly budget worksheet that I refer to twice a month to see if I'm on track with my bills. I'm a visual person so this helps me see the graph and where I am financially. Plus it's really cool because it's easily manipulated for the different seasons in your life (college to young professional to married, etc)


Want to make some extra money and fast? I made a $1000 a week!

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