5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over


Ever had that sinking feeling at the bottom of your stomach that something isn't quite right in your relationship? Has his behavior towards you done a complete 180? Is he less available now? Having gone through a horrible breakup myself recently, these are some things that have happened to me that I wish I would have acted on or at least emotionally prepared myself for. If you're going through these things, I'm so sorry and I know how gut-wrenching it can be. However, there are signs your relationship is over well before it actually ends. However, if it is true the sooner you spot it, the sooner you can grief it and then find someone that is going to appreciate you for who you are! Now, I don't recommend breaking it off or immediately thinking your relationship is doomed (I'm definitely guilty of that) just because one of these things happened. For the most part, this is a gradual process that happens but definitely worth keeping in the back of your mind.  So, here we go:

He picks fights

Did he really just call me an idiot for liking my favorite show, 2 Broke Girls, that he always knew was my favorite show all this time and NOW it's WWIII because I like it? It honestly doesn't have anything to do with 2 Broke Girls (I mean come on, they are hilarious who could hate them?), he's really just annoyed with your entire existence. Ouch!

He puts you down 

But he ALWAYS pays for dinner when we go out and I ALWAYS buy dinner when we eat in. Now he's publicly shaming me for not putting a card down at dinner? Honey, it's not about the money.

He becomes less available to you 

Now, apparently, he and his gym buddy are always going out to dinner, that you only heard about once a month. Now? They are apparently inseparable. Did he all the sudden love going to see his family on the weekends when he used to complain about them all the time? Yep, he'd rather hang out with those 'annoying' people than you. Man, that one REALLY hurts (until that point realize you really are awesome.

Zero evidence of your relationship on social media

This one may be controversial but it's so true. If he's thinking about ending it or looking into other dating options why would he want to have on your Facebook or social media that you two are having a cozy dinner together? He should be proud that he's lucky enough to have dinner with you! After all, you are uniquely and wonderfully made! :)

You just have that feeling

I don't know how many times people have told me 'Oh, you just over-analyze everything', 'you are crazy' or my favorite one 'You've got way too much time on your hands to think that deeply about that one thing'. And honestly sometimes they are right, I'll be the first one to admit sometimes I do over analyze things, however, when I get that same gut feeling over and over about something 9 times out of 10 I'm right...unfortunately.

Wrapping it Up

I feel the need to reiterate, if one of these things happen just one time I wouldn't think the relationship is ending. In my experience, it is a gradual thing that happens and there are multiple signs. If and when the relationship does end, that's OKAY! You are fearfully and wonderfully made the way that you are. When I was going through my recent breakup, I was DEVASTATED, not only because the relationship was ending but it was for the EXACT reasons I'm insecure about. Double whammy!

Maybe he couldn't handle the fact that you have strong opinions or get overly excited about the small things. You know someone else out there in this world would love that and is looking for just that! Until then just be single and fabulous! There are so many things that you can do (and have more time to do if you're not in a relationship) to improve yourself. Hey, you never know that can ultimately make you a more attractive person to be with? Something to think about!